Tournament Results - It's all about the balls!

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WOB Final Day at Highfields Bramble format

A great final day, thank you Anne Stacy for all the work.
1st gross: Roberta Higgins, Judy Burns, Gloria Padula, Brenda Louney
1st net: Doreen DiPilato, Nancy Norton, Ellen Wilson, Cindy Bolton
2nd gross: Lucy Pupo, Betty Mirovich, Linda Burnett, Ann Williams
2nd net: Renee LaChapelle, Anne Stacy, Tina Arseneault, Jane Audrey-Neuhauser
3rd gross: Janet Neffinger, Donna Finn-McArthur, Jeanne DeCenzo, Jody Levy
3rd net: Dale Snyder, Kathy Aberizk, Grace Simone, Charlotte Milewski
4th gross: Kathy Kuzmskus, Michelle Reis, Cathy LaBonte, Cookie Conly
4th net: Cindy Mosher, Jean Warden, Sandra Zelny, Mary Glotch
5th gross: Terry Reidy, Nancy David, Cindy Witte, Mary Janell
5h net: Robin Balicki, Shirley Cuccaro, Deb Dauphin, Kathy Sullivan


WOB Sterling National September 11, 2018

Great day at Sterling National, no rain and it did get warm when the sun picked through. Thank you Lucy and the pro shop for doing the scoring. Great lunch. We did leave a few balls to help fill in the big holes.

Championship Division
1st gross: Pat Finne 85
1st net: Cathy Kuzmeskus, Lucy Pupo 76
2nd gross: Ann Rhieu 90
2nd net: Wendy Moffat 78

A Division
1st gross: Cindy Carrier 90
1st net: Doreen DiPilato, Nancy Norton, Linda Vincent 76
2nd gross: Amy Gilman 95
2nd net: Nancy David 78
3rd gross: Beth Potvin 98
3rd net: Carolyn O’Malley 81
4th gross: Carol Cawley 100
4th net: Sally Davis 82

B Division
1st gross: Deb Dauphin, Jeanne DeCenzo 103
1st net: Kathy Gordon 78
2nd gross: Karen Carson 107
2nd net: Cathy LaBonte 81
3rd gross: Pam Potter 109
3rd net: Irene Caruso 83
4th gross: Tina Arseneault, Betty Mirovich 111
4th net: Ahleen Ebbling, Sharon Halloran 85

C Division
1st gross: Terry LaRosa 108
1st net: Cookie Conley 77
2nd gross: Linda Burnett 118
2nd net: Ellen Case 83
3rd gross: Brenda Louney 119
3rd net: Debbie LaPrise, Linda St. Laurent 87


Two day championship tournament at Ellinwood - Sept 6, 2018

Thank you Anne Roy for a great two day tournament and the lunch was great, but the desserts were beyond words, super, thanks. We just beat the rain.

Championship Division
1st gross: Mary Harris 175
1st net: Renee Lachapelle 153
2nd gross: Lucy Pupo 189

A Division
1st gross: Robin Balicki 183
1st net: Cathy Withers 150
2nd gross: Beth Potvin 188
2nd net: Jean Warden 152
3rd gross: Wendy Ripley, Anne Stacy, Linda Vincent 202
3rd net: Pauline Smith 263

B Division
1st gross: Cathy LaBonte, (winner of trophy by card matching), Deb Dauphin 207
1st net: Betty Mirovich 157
2nd gross: Kathy Ramsey 214
2nd net: Pam Potter 170

C Division
1st gross: Terry LaRosa 212
1st net: Linda Wojtkowski 159
2nd gross: Mary Glotch 231

WOB Bedrock GC August 28, 2018

Nice day at Bedrock, a little warm, but we could find shade, even when not hitting the ball into the woods. Thank you Bedrock and Carol for golf and a nice lunch.
Championship Division
1st gross: Pat Finne 86
1st net: Janet Neffinger, Lucy Pupo 76
2nd gross: Joanne Jalbert 98
2nd net: Cathy Kuzmeskus 80

A Division
1st gross: Carol Cawley 88
1st net: Beth Potvin 71
2nd gross: Wendy Ripley 97
2nd net: Nancy Norton 73
3rd gross: Nicki Brown 98
3rd net: Nancy David 77

B Division
1st gross: Jeanne DeCenzo 98
1st net: Cheryl Kingston 74
2nd gross: Cathy Labonte, Pam Potter 103
2nd net: Deb Dauphin 79

C Division
1st gross: Brenda Louney 104
1st net: Terry LaRosa 78
2nd gross: Cookie Conley, Kathy King, Anne Roy 115
2nd net: Ellen Case 80


WOB Juniper Hills August 16, 2018

Very warm day at Juniper Hills, thanks to Ellie and Juniper Hills. We had a couple of very good scores from Division B and C.

Championship Division
1st gross: Pat Finne 84
1st net: Mary Harris, Renee Lachappele 73
2nd gross: Lucy Pupu 87
2nd net: Vickie Lentine 77

A Division
1st gross: Ann Zeleskiy 91
1st net: Mary Altenholf 73
2nd gross: Diana Cobb, Amy Gilman 93
2nd net: Kathy Aberizk, Nicki Brown, Nancy David, Nancy Norton, Diane Toolin 74
3rd gross: Pauline Smith 96
3rd net: Shirley Cuccaro 75
4th gross: Carol Cawley, Donna Finn-McArthur, Marge Townsend, Jean Warden 99
4th net: Terry Kronfeld 79

B Division
1st gross: Kathy Ramsey 89
1st net: Ahleen Ebberling 67 
2nd gross: Sandra Zelny 93
2nd net: Pat Garabedian 70
3rd gross: Sandra Lajoie 98
3rd net: Gail Watkiins 74
4th gross: Pam Potter 100
4th net: Elizbeth Byrne, Betty Mirovich 76

C Division
1st gross: Brenda Louney 89
1st net: Ellen Case 74
2nd gross: Terri LaRosa, Cindy Bolton 109
2nd net: Joyce Macknauskas 80

WOB Hopedale August 13, 2018

Thanks to Mary, Paula and the pro for helping with the scores at Hopedale. The rain held out for us and the lunch was just great.

Championship Division
1st gross: Kristen Henderson 76
1st net: Pat Decaire 71
2nd gross: Renee Lachapelle 88
2nd net: Wendy Moffet 80

A Division
1st gross: Karen Cairg-O’Neill 92
1st net: Jean Warden 71
2nd gross: Cindy Carrier 95
2nd net: Donna Finn-McArthur 76
3rd gross: Doreen DiPilato, Linda Vincent 99
3rd net: Nancy David 78

B Division
1st gross: Cathy Labonte, Pam Potter 100
1st net: Ahleen Ebbeling, Judy Roscioli 75
2nd gross: Cheryl Kingston 103
2nd net: Judy Burns, Joyce Gilmore 78

C Division
1st gross: Brenda Louney 104
1st net: Linda Burnett 74
2nd gross: Terry LaRosa 108
2nd net: JuneAnn Demars 79
3rd gross: Meredith Arnold 112
3rd net: Jody Levy 81


Quinnatissett CC, Aug 10, 2018

Great day at Quinnatissett CC, thank you Jackie, nice breakfast food and lunch.

Championship Division
1st gross: Lucy Pupo 78
1st net: Sue Plander 72
2nd gross: Pat Finne 85
2nd net: Roberta Higgins, Cathy Kuzmeskus, Renee Lachapelle 73

A Division
1st gross: Carol Cawley 85
1st net: Nancy Norton 66
2nd gross: Beth Potvin 87
2nd net: Cindy Moser, Michelle Reis 69 
3rd gross: Amy Gilman, Linda Vincent 89
3rd net: Jane Brothers, Jean Warden 70
4th gross: Cindy Carrier 91
4th net: Nancy David, Anne Stacy, Sue Tremallo 73

B Division
1st gross: Cheryl Kingston 89
1st net: Pat Garabedian 65
2nd gross: Deb Dauphin, Pam Potter 92
2nd net: Ahleen Ebbeling 67
3rd gross: Elaine Courtemanche 94
3rd net: Grace Simone 68
4th gross: Cathy Labonte 96
4th net: Cindy Witte 69

C Division
1st gross: Kathy King 91
1st net: Linda Wojkowski 72
2nd gross: JuneAnn Demars 102
2nd net: Terry LaRosa, Jody Levy, Brenda Lowney 74

WOB Townsend Ridge CC, August 7, 2018

Diane and Townsend, thanks you did a great job and thanks to the lady with the food cart for having ice for us because it was very warm (hot). Your course was great. There are a few changes to WOB especially for Division A.

Championship Division
1st gross: Pat Finne
1st net: Janet Neffinger
2nd gross: Michelle Conner
2nd net: Renee Lachapelle
3rd gross: Vicki Lentine, Lucy Pupo
3rd net: Sandy Robichaud, Dale Snyder

A Division
1st gross: Robin Balicki
1st net: Diane Toolin
2nd gross: Carol Cawley, Anne Stacy, Linda Vincent
2nd net: Jean Warden
3rd gross: Cynthia Carrier
3rd net: Tanya Ohanesian
4th gross: Wendy Ripley
4th net: Susan Dery

B Division
1st gross: Jennifer O’Connor
1st net: Cindy Witte
2nd gross: Deb Dauphin
2nd net: Joyce Doucette
3rd gross: Rossella LaPrise
3rd net: Kathy Ramsey
4th gross: Betty Mirovich
4th net: Jeanne DeCenzo, Pam Potter

C Division
1st gross: Diane Perry
1st net: Mary Janell
2nd gross: Brenda Louney
2nd net: Terry LaRosa

Holden Hills - Aug 2

Well, August has arrived but the heat has not lessened! Woo! Great job setting up Wendy Moffat! And scoring also, thank you! A big thank you to Kelley for making a few extra hot weather choices for lunch!

Ch Division
1st gross. Lucy Pupo. 86
1st net. Janet Neffinger. 73
2nd gross. Ann Rhieu. 87
2nd net. Mary Harris. 74

A division
1st gross. Beth Potvin. 89
1st net. Nancy Norton. 66
2nd gross. Mary Murphy. 92
2nd net. Jane Brothers. 70
3rd gross. Jean Warden. 96
3rd net. Marjolaine Townsend. 74
4th gross Carol Cawley 97
4th net Nancy David 75

B division
1st.gross. Jennifer O'Connor. 98
1st net. Jeanne DeCenzo. 71
2nd gross. Cindy Witte 102
2nd net. Grace Simone 73

C division
1st gross Brenda Louney. 103
1st net. Ellen Case. 76
2nd gross. Terry LaRosa. 111
2nd net. Cookie Conley. 80



Gardner MGC - Senior Championship July 25, 2018

Thanks to Gardner MGC and Nikki Brown for a great day of golf and very few rain drops.
WOB Gardner Senior Championship July 25, 2018

Championship Division
1st gross Lucy Pupo 88
1st net Pat Finne 77

Division A
1st gross Cindy Carrier 90
1st net Joan Wotton 71
2nd gross Wendy Ripley 95
2nd net Mary Altenhof, Carolyn O’Malley 75
3rd gross Carol Cawley 97
3rd net Janet Smith 78
4th gross Terry Reidy 101
4th net Nancy David, Bonnie Stewart 79

Division B
1st gross Judy Burns 98
1st net Judy Thayer 70
2nd gross Sharon Halloran 100
2nd net Rossella LaPrise 72
3rd gross Deb Dauphin 101
3rd net Elaine Courtemanche, Sandra Partlow 76
4th gross Ann-Marie Jette 105
4th net Kathy Ramsey 78

Division C
1st gross Anne Roy 108
1st net Jane Audrey-Neuhauser, Linda Burnett 76
2nd gross Mary Glotch 113
2nd net Linda Wojtkowski 79
3rd gross Terry LaRosa 114
3rd net Tina Como 81


Dunroamin CC - July 18, 2018

Again, I want to give a big thank you to Pat and Tony Staiti for their support of WCWGA over many, many years! We got a warm welcome at sign in by Pat and our best pal Tricia Boulette! Tricia, it was so nice of you to share this day with us and do our score sheets!

Ch division
1st gross. Kate Ricker. 76
1st net. Lucy Pupo. 69
2nd gross. Pat Finne. 82
2nd net. Janet Neffinger. 71
3rd gross. Cathy Kuzmeskus. 88 Wendy Moffat. 75

A division
1st gross. Beth Potvin. 85
1st net. Wendy Ripley. 67
2nd gross. Doreen DiPilato. 88
2nd net. Jean Warden. 70
3rd gross. Carol Cawley, Terri Reidy 91
3rd net. Cindy Carrier. 74
4th gross. Robin Balicki. 95
4th net. Terry Kronfeld. 75

B division
1st gross. Pat Garabedian. 91
1st net. Karen Carson. 68
2nd gross Deb Dauphin. 98
2nd net. Judy Thayer. 71
3rd gross. Judy Roscioli. 99
3rd net. Jennifer O'Connor. 73
4th gross. Pam Potter. 100
4th net. Irene Caruso, Kathy Ramsey. 74

C division
1st gross. Terry LaRosa, Brenda Louney. 95
1st net. Linda Wojtkowski. 64
2nd gross. Diane Perry. 97
2nd net. Tina Como. 69
3rd gross. Anne Roy. 103
3rd net. Linda Burnett. 71

Blissful Meadonws GC - July 16, 2018


Well, here we go again! Hot,hot,hot and muggy!!!! Blissful Meadows as always gave us a great welcome! Cindy Carrier with the help of Meredith Arnold were there to great us and sign us in. Great job, ladies! Thank you Carol Cawley for reading off the winners for me, I had no voice left! I didn't even want to sing!

Ch division
1st gross. Pat Finne. 83
1st net. Kim Hill. 70
2nd gross. Janet Neffinger. 91
2nd net. Mary Harris, Wendy Moffat. 81

A division
1st gross. Linda Vincent. 84
1st net. Marge Townsend. 69
2nd gross. Marcia Behrans. 92
2nd net. Nancy David, Doreen Dipilato. 72
3rd gross. Robin Balicki 95
3rd net. Sue Derry, Anne Stacy. 73
4th gross. Cindy Carrier, Carol Cawley. 96
4th net. Nancy Norton, Michelle Reis, Jean Warden. 77

B division
1st gross. Sandra Zelney. 100
1st net. Irene Caruso. 72
2nd gross. Cathy Schwartz 102
2nd net. Pat Potenza 73
3rd gross Pam Potter. 103
3rd net. Sandy Partlow. 75
4th gross. Deb Dauphin, Betty Mirovich. 105
4 th net Joyce Doucette. 77

C division
1st gross. Anne Roy. 100
1st net. Kathy King, Linda Burnett. 70
2nd gross. Brenda Louney. 103
2nd net. Christine Root. 73
3rd gross. Linda Wojtkowski, Sheila Brown. 110
3rd net. Meredith Arnold. 80
4th gross. Cookie Conley. 112
4th net. Terry LaRosa,Jody Levy. 82

A big CONGRATULATIONS. to Linda Vincent for a hole in one! Way to go girl!

Cyprian Keyes GC - July 12, 2018

What a great day at Cyprian Keys GC! Nancy Norton and Roberta Higgins did a great job setting this tournament up for us ladies! The course was in excellent shape as always and the meal was to die for!
First I would like to post the 4-ball winners: gift certificates and trophy winners
Ch/A. Nancy Norton and Dina Kujawski with a 57
B/C Cookie Conley and Diane Perry with a 60
Congratulations ladies!

Ch/A division ball winners
2nd net. Renee Lachapelle/Lucy Pupo. 61
Carol Rockwood/Mary Murphy 61
3rd net. Cindy Carrier/Pat Finne. 63
Anne Casillo/Roberta Higgins. 63
Carol Cawley/Mo Haynes. 63
Doreen Dipilato/Sandy Robichaud. 63
4th net. Nancy David/Shirley Cuccaro 64
Jean Warden/Susan Pyne. 64
5th net. Jane Brothers/Nicole Brown. 65
Terry Kronfeld/Beth Potvin. 65
6th net. Michelle Reis/Marcia Behrens. 67
Wendy Ripley/Cathy Kuzmeskus. 67
Anne Stacey/Terry Harney. 67

B/C division
2nd net. Kathy Ramsey/Pam Potter. 63
3rd net. Deb Dauphin/Cathy Labonte. 64
4th net. Mary Janell/Sharon Halloran. 66
Linda Prouty/Barbara Smith. 66
5th net. Kathy King/Grace Simone. 68
Jennifer O'Connor/Betty Mirowich 68
Linda Wojtkowski/Anne Roy. 68


Raceway GC - July 10, 2018

It was another hot day out there at Raceway! But not as hot as Dudley last week! A big shout out to Meredith Arnold and Sheila Brown for setting up the tournament, great job girls!

Ch division
1st gross. Lucy Pupo, Dale Snyder. 83
1st net. Pat Finne, Janet Neffinger. 71

A division
1st gross. Doreen DiPilato 92
1st net. Jane Brothers,Cindy Carrier, Carolyn O'Malley 72
2nd gross. Robin Bilicki, Nicole Brown, Donna Finn-McArthur 
2nd net. Nancy Norton 75
3rd gross. Carol Cawley. 96
3rd net. Nancy David, Marge Townsend. 76

B division
1st gross. Pat Garabedian. 98
1st net. Janet O'Connor, Kathy Ramsey. 73
2nd gross. Ahleen Ebbeling. 104
2net. Deb. Dauphin, Ginni DiDonato. 76

C division
1st gross. Cookie Conley. 106
1st net Kathy King. 79
2nd gross. Meredith Arnold 113
2nd net. Jody Levy. 82


Dudley GC - July 2, 2018

Boy was it a hot one out there to day, but being Women, we endured! What a great welcome Jim and his crew gives us every year, we love them! Nancy, thanks again for your great organizing skills for such a smooth running tournament!

Ch division
1st gross. Kim Hill 78
1st net Janet Neffinger 71
2nd gross Mary Harris 83
2nd net Pat Finne 72

A division
1st gross Cindy Carrier 84
1st net Ann Stacey 66
2nd gross Marcia Behrens, Wendy Ripley 93
2nd net Nancy Norton 73
3rd gross Joann Szymczak 94
3rd net Terry Kronfeld 75

B division
1st gross Deb Dauphin 92
1st net Judy Thayer 68
2nd gross Ginni DiDonato 96
2nd net Cindy Witte,Jeanne DeCenzo 71
3rd gross Judy McClurg 98
3rd net Ahleen Ebbeling 72
4th gross Anne Marie Jette 101
4th net Sandy Lajoie 76

C division
1st gross Diane Perry 97
1st net Kathy Sullivan 71
2nd gross Terry LaRossa 100
2nd net Fran. Berger 72
3rd gross Jody Levy 104
3rd net Ann Roy 75

Westboro CC - June 21, 2018

This is not getting old, another beautiful golf day at Westboro CC. Jack even wore pink for all us wonderful ladies! We had a great turnout. Jean and her crew of helpers did a wonderful job and even baked goodies for us! We were guickly loaded up and ready to go in no time!

Ch division
1st gross. Mary Harris. 80
1st net. Roberta Higgins. 74

A division
1st gross. Beth Potvin. 86
1st net. Nancy Norton. 68
2nd gross. Carol Cawley. 90
2nd net. Jane Brothers, Nancy David, Donna Finn-McArthur 73
3rd gross. Cindy Carrier. 94
3rd net. Mary Murphy, Susan Pyne. 77

B division
1st gross. Deb Dauphin, Cheryl Kingston. 98
1st net. Ahleen Ebbeling. 74
2nd gross. Sandra Zelny. 100
2nd net. Grace Simone, Cathy Labonte 76
3rd gross. Kathy Ramsey, Pam Potter 103
3rd net. Jeanne DeCenzo. 79

C division
1st gross. June Ann Demars, Ellie Manseau, Anne Roy 100
1st net. Charlotte Milewski. 71
2nd gross. Linda Wojtkowski. 104
2nd net. Joyce Macknauskas 72
3rd gross Cookie Conley. 105
3rd net. Linda Burnett, Gloria Padula. 76


Cohasse CC- June 18, 2018

Well, it was a scorcher out at Cohasse CC today! Everyone drank lots of water, plenty of water stations available. Cheryl Kingston did a great job setting up her first tournament as course rep! The course was in great shape, the pro was wonderful along with everyone else.

Championship division
1st gross. Pat Finne. 85
1st net. Lucy Pupo. 75
2nd gross. Mary Harris. 89
2nd net. Patty Provost. 80

A division
1st gross. Cecilia Layden. 92
1st net. Linda Vincent. 74
2nd gross. Carol Cawley. 94
2nd net. Nancy David, Nancy Norton. 75
3rd gross. Beth Potvin. 99
3rd net. Anne Stacey. 80
4th gross. Doreen Dipilato. 101
4th net. Jean Warden. 83

B division
1st gross. Cathy Labonte. 105
1st net. Judy McClurg. 78
2nd gross. Cheryl Kingston. 107
2nd net. Irene Caruso. 79
3rd gross Pam Potter 110
3rd net. Judy Rosioli, Barbara Smith. 83
4th gross. Deb Dauphin. 111
4th net. Anne Marie Jette. 86

C division
1st gross. Vivian Brooks. 100
1st net. Anne Roy. 73
2nd gross Jane Audrey-Neuhauser. 108
2nd net. Terry LaRosa. 78
3rd gross. Linda Brodeur, Diane Perry. 113
3rd net. Linda Burnett, Gina Madore. 82

Leicester CC - June 14, 2018

Well once again, we couldn't ask for a better golf day! Our fun day 2person best ball tournament at Leicester CC went off without a hitch! We had 80 players signed up, the largest turnout in quite some time. I don't know if it was Cheryl's great buffet or the hopes to hear me sing brought so many out! Again, Cheryl Orrico did a great job getting us off, the course was in great shape! Tricia Boulette was a great help to me, it took two sets of eyes to make sure all the handicaps were correct and adjusted properly! We had 5 guests this year who we hope will consider becoming part of WCWGA.

1st. Sally Davis, Robin Earle. 51
2nd. Pat Finne, Lucy Pupo. 55
3rd. Ann Williams, Sharon Wheeler. 56
Cindy Bolton, Pat Potenza 56
4th. Ginni DiDonatp, Ahleen Ebberling. 57
5th Carol Cawley, Cindy Carrier. 58
Cindy Mosher, Jan Norcross. 58
6th. Roberta Higgins, Cookie Conley 59
Rosella Laprise, Martha Tessagrossa. 59
Carolyn O'Malley, Ellen Wilson. 59
7th. Kathy King, Jane Brothers. 60
Jody Levy, Terry LaRosa. 60
Judy Rosiolli, Ellen Case 60
8th. Meredith Arnold, Juneann Kane Demars 61
Nancy David, Diane Perry. 61
Judy McClurg, Lorraine Moreno 61
Ann Roy, Linda Wojtkowski 61
9th. Cathy Labonte,Cheryl Kingston 62
Renee Lachapelle, Beth Potvin 62
Wendy Ripley, Cathy Kuzmeskus 62
Gail Watkins, Linda Sinsigalli 62
10th. Donna Finn-McArthur, Ann Schmidt. 63
11th. Sue Dery, Mary Janell 64
12th. Ann Marie Jette, Irene Caruso 65
Brenda Louney, Pegi Deshays. 65
Sandra Partlow, Terry Kronfeld 65
Grace Simone, Shirley Cuccaro 65
Terri Swallow, Michelle Bavosi. 65
13 th. Pam Potter, Marie Rollins. 66
Jean Warden, Kathy Ramsey. 66
Also the 5 guests received a sleeve of balls.
Cheryl kindly gave her scoring money to the purchase of balls, thank you!


Green Hill GC - June 6, 2018

Pam Potter wrote - "We lucked out again, all week they kept predicting rain, NOT! Started out a little cool at Green Hill GC but sun came out later and warmed the cockles of our heart. A big thank you to Ann Zelesky and Carol Cawley for such a great job organizing this event! Also, thanks to all the members who baked for us this morning! Matt and his crew always makes his WCWGA girls feel so welcome! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a copy of the Ch and A division, oops. Carol it's all yours to post, sorry."

B Division
1st gross Pat Garabedian 92
1st net Deb.Dauphin, Ginni DiDonato, Kathy Gordon,and 
Cheryl Kingston. 70
2nd gross. Judy Roscioli. 99
2nd net. Cathy LaBonte
3rd gross. Ahleen Ebbeling and Betty Mirovich 102
3rd net Pam Potter 75

C Division
1st gross. Juneann Demars and Sandra Lajoie 101
1st net Kathy King 71
2nd gross. Mary Janell and Jody Levy 104
2nd net. Denise Woodcock and Kim Bellio. 75
3rd gross. Brenda Louney. 105
3rd net. Linda Burnett 76

Ch Division
1st gross. Ann Rhieu. 85
1st net. Pat Finne 75
2nd gross Chris Gagner 87
2nd net Brenna LeBlanc 79

A Division
1st gross Carol Cawley 88
1st net Joan Wooten 68
2nd gross Wendy Ripley 89
2nd net Ann Stacey, Carolyn O'Malley 71
3rd gross Rosie Naughton 92
3rd net Nicole Brown 73

Templewood GC - May 31, 2018

Pam Potter wrote - "Blessed again by the golf Godess! A beautiful day at Templewood GC, a great turnout and a great job done by all in organizing their first WCWGA tournament in quite some time! A special thank you to all involved!"

Ch Division
1st Gross. Mary Harris 85
1st Net Janet Neffinger.72
2nd Gross. Lucy Pupo 86
2nd Net Pat Finne74

A Division
1st Gross. Beth Potvin 88
1st Net. Ann Stacy.73
2nd Gross. Wendy Ripley 94
2nd Net. Jean Warden 74
3rd Gross Sharon Wheeler, Robin Balicki 97
3rd Net. Tanya Ohanesian 76

B Division
1st Gross Nancy David 90
1st Net. Betty Mirovich 68
2nd Gross Kathy Ramsey 99
2Net Jeanne DeCenzo, Susan Robichaud 72
3rd Gross Martha Testagrossa, Ann Williams 100
3rd Net. Rosella Laprise 77

C Division
1st Gross. Mary Janell, Pam Potter 102
1st Net. Linda Wojtkowski 70
2nd Gross. Terry LaRosa, Brenda Louney 103
2nd Net. Joanne Levy 71
3rd Gross. Diane Perry 108
3rd Net. Anne Roy 73

Pine Ridge CC - May 24, 2018


Another beautiful day for golf! Pine Ridge CC. did a great job welcoming us today, the course was in excellent shape. A special thanks to Pat Finne and Cindy Carrier signing members in and distributing the balls, giving Jean, Kathy and I (Pam Potter) a little break!

Ch Division
1st Gross. Pat Finne 89
1st Net. Renee Lachapelle, Lucy Pupo 81

A Division
1st Gross. Beth Potvin. 92
1st Net. Cindy Carrier 76
2nd Gross. Terry Reidy. 93
2nd Net. Pauline Smith, Linda Vincent 77

B Division
1st Gross. Nancy David 96
1st Net. Kathy Ramsey, Cindy Witte. 76
2nd Gross. Gail Watkins. 97
2nd Net. Dorothy Zale. 82

C Division
1st Gross. Brenda Louney. 100
1st Net. Jane Audrey-Neuhauser 73
2nd Gross. Pam Potter. 104
2nd Net. Kathy King 78


Whitinsville GC - May 21, 2018

Championship Division
1st Gross: Kris Henderson 76
1st Net: Terry Riley 73
2nd Gross: Chris Gagner 81
2nd Net: Kathy Storey 76

A Division
1st Gross: Marcia Behrens 93
1st Net: LINDA Vincent 72
2nd Gross: Katie Welch 96
2nd Net: Nancy Norton 75
3rd Gross: Cindy Carrier, Nicole Brown 98
3rd Net: Catherine Withers 78

B Division
1st Gross: Michelle Reis 99
1st Net: Cheryl Kingston 72
2nd Gross: Ellen Wilson 101
2nd Net: Ahleen Ebbeling, Leslie Vigneau. 77
3rd Gross: Anne Marie Jette, Nancy David 105
3rd Net: Debra Dauphin 79
4th Gross: Irene Caruso, Kathy Ramsey 107
4th Net: Ginni DiDonato 80

C Division
1st Gross: Anne Roy 108
1st Net: Linda Burnett 73
2nd Gross: Pam Potter 109
2nd Net: Jody Levy 75
3rd Gross: Brenda Louney. 113
3rd Net: Gina Lambert 81


(click here for Shining Rock - May 15, 2018)














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