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WOB Templewood June 20, 2019

Thank you Sally Davis and Templewood, great food, I think I thanked the ladies serving the food at least five times and I will do it again. It rained most of the time, but not a cold rain. putting clothes on and off most of the day.

Championship Division

1st gross: Pat Finne 90
1st net: Janet Neffinger 73

A Division

1st gross: Doreen DiPilato 89
1st net: Tanya Ohanesian 75
2nd gross: Robin Balicki 101
2nd net: Linda Vincent 80

B Division

1st gross: Nancy David 96
1st net: Sandra Zelny 72
2nd gross: Sally Davis 102
2nd net: Deb Dauphin 77
3rd gross: Martha Testagrossa 104
3rd net: Susan Robichuad 78

C Division

1st gross: Anne Roy 110
1st net: Pam Potter 81
2nd gross: Linda Wojtkowski 117
2nd net: Janice Couture 83
3rd gross: Mary Glotch, Jody Levy 122
3rd net: Karen McDougall 88


WOB Cohasse June 17, 2019

Thank you Cheryl Kingston and Cohasse. What a beautiful day and the course was great for many of us.

Championship Division
1st gross: Chris Coughlin 79
1st net: Renee Lachapelle 69

A Division
1st gross: Cathy Kuzmeskus 88
1st net: Doreen DiPilato 68
2nd gross: Carol Cawley 94
2nd net: Michelle Reis 75
3rd gross: Deb Dunn, Amy Gilman 99
3rd net: Cecilia Leyden 78

B Division
1st gross: Cheryl Kingston 99
1st net: Irene Caruso 72
2nd gross: Nancy Norton 101
2nd net: Vivian Brooks 73
3rd gross: Anne Stacy 104
3rd net: Sandra Lajoie, Judy Rosioli 76
4th gross: Judy McClug, Jean Warden 106
4th net: Cookie Conley 78

C Division
1st gross: Kathy King 109
1st net: Anne Roy 75
2nd gross: Pam Potter 111
2nd net: Linda Burnett 81
3rd gross: Brenda Louney 119
3rd net: Cathy LaPrad 86


WOB Holden Hills Better Ball June 12, 2019
1st: Betty Mirovich, Pam Prendergast 64
Sally Davis, Robin Earle. 64
2nd: Dorreen Dipilato, Renee Lachapelle 65
Diane Perry, Anne Rhieu 65
Kathy Ramsey, Sandra Lajoie 65
3rd. Cindy Carrier, Jeanne Dicenzo 66
Pam Potter, Nancy David 66
4th: Mary Glotch, Kim Bellio 67
Brenda Louney, Terry LaRosa 67
Nancy Norton, Jean Warden 67
5th: Carol Cawley, Grace Simone 68
Crystal Logan, Kim Hill 68
Beth Potvin, Sandra Partlow 68
6th: Pat Finne, Lucy Pupo. 69
Kris Henderson, Barbara Smith 69
Wendy Moffat, Jane Shea 69
Carolyn O'Malley, Ellen Wilson. 69
Pauline Smith, Pat Provost 69
Also the 4 guests received a sleeve of balls.
WOB Raceway Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It was a nice day at Raceway and thanks to Meredith for all her hard work.

Championship Division

1st gross: Mary Harris, Kim Hill 88
1st net: Janet Neffinger, Annette O’Brien 79
2nd gross: Patti Finne 94
2nd net: Renee Lachapelle 80

A Division

1st gross: Cathy Kuzmeskus, Laura Smutnick 93
1st net: Wendy Ripley 72
2nd gross: Ann Zelesky 94
2nd net: Carol Cawley 75
3rd gross: Cindy Mosher 97
3rd net: Marcia Behrens, Doreen Dipilato 76

B Division

1st gross: Carolyn O’Malley 96
1st net: Grace Simone 71
2nd gross: Jeanne Decenzo 100
2nd net: Cheryl Kingston 73
3rd gross: Jane Brothers 101
3rd net: Ann Williams 74
4th gross: Irene Caruso, Jean Warden 102
4th net: Ellen Wilson 76

C Division

1st gross: Paula Galligan 109
1st net: Sheila Brown 78
2nd gross: Ahleen Ebbeling 115
2nd net: Ellen Case 82
3rd gross: Pam Potter 117
3rd net: Anne Roy 88

WOB Westminster Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Championship Division

1st gross: Mary Harris, Renee Lachapelle 84
1st net: Janet Neffinger, Dale Snyder 82

A Division

1st gross: Pauline Smith 94
1st net: Wendy Ripley 76
2nd gross: Carol Cawley, Tanya Ohanesian 98
2nd net: Doreen Dipilato, Joellen Guilfoil 80

B Division

1st gross: Betty Mirovich 95
1st net: Pam Pendergast 71
2nd gross: Irene Caruso 98
2nd net: Ann Williams 75
3rd gross: Carolyn O’Malley 99
3rd net: Jeanne Decenzo, Anne Stacy 76
4th gross: Nancy David 103
4th net: Sharon Halloran 78

C Division

1st gross: Ahleen Ebberling 100
1st net: Patty Haddad, Jody Levy 72
2nd gross: Brenda Louney 103
2nd net: Linda Wojtkowski 76
3rd gross: Joyce Doucette 107
3rd net: Anne Roy 77
4th gross: Pam Potter 108
4th net: Karen McDougall 80


WOB Whitinsville Monday May 20 2019

Championship Division

1st gross: Christine Foley 80
1st net: Anne Rhieu 73
2nd gross: Kim Hill 89
2nd net: Roberta Higgins 76

A Division

1st gross: Carol Cawley 92
1st net: Marcia Behrens 71
2nd gross: Terry Reidy 96
2nd net: Cecelia Leyden 80
3rd gross: Joann Szymczak, Ann Zelesky 103
3rd net: Linda Vincent 81
4th gross: Doreen Dipilato 104
4th net: Jan Norcross 84


WOB Shining Rock May 13, 2019

Thanks to Nancy Shor and Cathy Woeller at Shining Rock, weather was okay and lunch was very good.

Championship Division
1st gross: Janet Neffinger 85
1st net: Renee Lachapelle 73
2nd gross: Kim Hill, Lucy Pupo 91

A Division
1st gross: Doreen DiPilato 90
1st net: Mimi Overman 70
2nd gross: Mary Murphy 95
2nd net: Tanya Ohanesian 73
3rd gross: Linda Vincent 98
3rd net: Pauline Smith 79
4th gross: Beth Potvin 100
4th net: Carol Cawley 81

B Division
1st gross: Jeanne DeCenzo 96
1st net: Carolyn O’Malley, Bonnie Stewart 71
2nd gross: Nancy Norton, Anne Stacy 98
2nd net: Grace Simone 72
3rd gross: Jean Warden 100
3rd net: Anne Marie Jette, Sandy Partlow 75

C Division
1st gross: Pam Potter 104
1st net: Mary Glotch, Mary Lou Sanborn, Kathy Sullivan 72
2nd gross: Ahleen Ebbelin 105
2nd net: Cindy Witte 75
3rd gross: Ellie Manseau 107
3rd net: Kim Bellio 76







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