Who Can Join?

New members must have a bona fide handicap index of 34.0 or less to join WCWGA. Rejoining members with a continuous membership and a bonafide handicap index between 34 and 36.4 must play to a max index of 34.

Handicap Classes

Members will begin the season within a class (division) determined by using the last handicap index revision as reported by the USGA GHIN system from the previous season.

Class Handicap Index
Championship Flight 0 - 16.0
Class A 16.1- 22.0.
Class B 22.1 - 27.0
Class C 27.1 - 34.0


A member will play within this division for the remainder of the season unless her handicap lowers and said member becomes eligible for a lower class.

Example: A member's beginning handicap in May is 24.5 (Class B) and during the season her handicap lowers to 22.0 (Class A), she must then move to A division for the remainder of the season, unless her handicap drops even lower and she becomes eligible for the Championship division. If however the member's handicap rises to 27.1 (Class C) she is not eligible to move to that division. She must remain in Class B and play to the maximum handicap in B division which is 27.0.

How do I join?

Members  are those who maintain their handicap at any of the golf clubs participating in Worcester County Women's Golf Association tournaments. Every association member club has a WCWGA representative available to register new members and rejoining members. The annual fee for member club players is $15 paid to your WCWGA representative.
Associate Members may join for a $25.00 annual fee. Print out the  Application  and mail your entry fee to the person indicated on the form.


How do I play?

All registered members of WCWGA will receive a manual with entry instructions and cards to submit entries. (A printable version is available on this site.) The manual contains a complete list of tournaments available for the season. See the tournament web page for more information.






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