This organization as we know it today was founded in 1945, but its roots were established in 1931 with a championship tournament organized by Mrs. W. LaCoste Neilson aided by Tyra Fuller. Mrs. Neilson ran this yearly event until 1944 at which time she resigned. The first championship recorded was in 1936 and fielded 25 women and by 1940 doubled that number. In 1945, the event was held at Oak Hill Country Club and it was then Mrs. Walter D. Cosgrove and Miss Ann Brennan established the organization, naming it Worcester County Women's Golf Association, and providing the ladies in Worcester County with a most unique experience. Miss Brennan succeeded Mrs. Neilson from 1945 through 1948 as chairman with Mrs. Cosgrove serving as president.
These ladies set out to establish friendly competitive golf beyond their individual groups and clubs and succeeded. Their goal was to recruit golf clubs throughout Worcester County that would give the association one day a year to meet and play a round of golf. The Championship tournament and WCWGA stayed apart until 1949 when it was decided the association should direct the title hunt. This merger proved a success with a record number of 54 participants in the 1949 Championship at Westboro CC. In 1950 a new record of 60 women played in the annual event held at Green Hill. The only year they did not play was in 1943 due to WWII.
WCWGA's 25th Anniversary celebrated at Mt. Pleasant Country Club honored these ladies and all the past presidents for their dedication and hard work. Interestingly Mrs. Ann Ritter, president in 1970 was the daughter of Mrs. Walter Cosgrove the first president of Worcester County Women's Golf Association.
WCWGA withstood the test of time and has become the meeting place of choice for women golfers who have established lasting bonds of friendship and learned to play golf in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.
Worcester County has grown since its birth and includes some of the finest golf clubs and lady golfers in the state and at present boasts a membership of 24 golf clubs and 400+ members.

2021 WCWGA Officers Executive Board

  • President Anne Stacy (Shining Rock Golf Club)
  • Vice President Sandy Robichaud (Green Hill Golf Course)
  • Recording Secretary Tricia Boulette (Associate)
  • Corresponding Secretary Joanne Levy (Green Hill Golf Course)
  • Treasurer Cookie Conley (Green Hill Golf Course)
  • Memberships & Handicaps Nancy Norton (Dudley Hill Golf Course)

Division Tournament Chairpersons

  • Championship/ A Division Chair - Janet Neffinger (Quail Hollow Golf & CC)
  • B/C division - Co-Chair Jean Warden (Westboro GC)
    B/C division - Co-Chair Brenda Louney (Gardner Municipal GC)


  • Chairperson Joyce LaBonte
  • Co-Chair Anne Roy
  • Tournament Committee
  • Executive Board

Past Presidents

1945-48 Miss Anne Brennan, WC Championship Director
1945-49 Mrs. Walter Cosgrove
1950 Mrs. J. Ralph Torpey
1951 Miss Elizabeth McHugh
1952 Mrs. Fletcher Rizer
1953 Mrs. Roy Litchfield
1954 Mrs. Wayne Billings
1955 Mrs. Arthur Hinsdale
1956-57 Mrs. Harrison Bickford
1958-59 Mrs. Rolland Griffith
1960-61 Mrs. James Athy
1962-63 Mrs Leo Martin
1964-65 Miss. Evelyn Logan
1966-67 Mrs. Joseph C. Casdin
1968-69 Mrs. Robert Ingraham
1970-71 Mrs. Robert Ritter
1972-73 Mrs. Walter McMenemy
1974-75 Mrs. G. R. Guglieimi
1976-77 Mrs. Richard DiRuvo
1978-79 Mrs. Guy F. Wilson
1980-81 Mrs. Eleanor Browne

1982-83 Mrs. Ted Harney
1984-85 Mrs. Pat Paulauska
1986-87 Mrs. Mary Carr Gale
1988 Mrs. Martha Mooney
1989-90 Mrs. Rexyne Kenney
1991-92 Ms Bea Tosi
1993-94 Mrs. Marilyn Keigwin
1995-96 Mrs. Karen Ryan
1997-98 Mrs. Betty Ledger
1999-00 Ms. Sandra Robichaud
2000-01 Ms. Bea Tosi
2002-03 Mrs. Nancy Norton
2004-05 Mrs. Ann Hagl
2006-07 Mrs.Dianne Drury
2008-09 Mrs. Jo-Ann Szymczak
2010-11 Ms. Wendy Moffat
2012-13 Mrs. Lucy Pupo
2014-15 Ms. Wendy Moffat
2015-17 Ms. Mary Harris
2018-19 Mrs. Anne Roy
2020-     Ms. Anne Stacy

In Memory of

Rose Carol Burnett - Holden Hills GC
Jane Clarke - Whitinsville CC
Susan Dery - Westminster CC
Victoria Mandorano - Gardner GC
Kay Venning - Gardner GC
Sharon Wheeler - Westminster CC
Sylvia Wheeler - Green Hill GC



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